Street Style & Fashion Trends│Tokyo & Around, Japan

This year I visited Japan for the first time, it was the most thrilling experience I've ever lived. Everything seemed so new to me, as if I literally landed in another world. Japanese Fashion made a huge change in the way I saw fashion and it really helped me find my favourite styles and I completely renovated my closet. I gathered a few snaps I took from my trip to Tokyo and Kyoto back in September. I met so many nice people, saw amazing outfits and enjoyed every single moment I spent in beautiful Japan. Everything is so kawaii!

This girl was super nice, her hair was amazing and was the thing that stood out the most of her personal style, she was very friendly and we talked for a little bit, though trying to communicate in Japan is quite hard, many japanese are very considerate when it comes to tourists, and they will ALWAYS try to help out and make an effort to understand you. I absolutely loved her platform sneakers, they reminded me of the UNIF Cross Trainers. She was wearing an oversized colour-block shirt, a printed tee, black shorts and triangle earrings!

As I walked towards Meiji-Dori I ran into these 4 girls making propaganda for the Monki Store in Takeshita Street, which was opening the same day. They were giving away fabric tote bags like the one the first girl from right-to-left is carrying on her shoulder. The makeup they were wearing was lovely. The Monki Store was great too, there was a live DJ playing music really loud and everything smelled new and fresh.

I'm still trying to find this lovely oversized overall/jumpsuit this girl was wearing! It had little squares, circles and triangles on it. I think it looks perfect paired with a beanie like the one she's wearing on this picture.

Circle skirts are a MUST right now. Also, menthe was really trending everywhere a few months ago and I think it still is. I think circle skirts are staying for a little longer, at least until next summer.

Platforms are also trending EVERYWHERE. 

Printed tees have been around forever, though lately they're on fire. From Brian Lichtenberg parody shirts to Lazy Oaf printed funny and cute tees, these are definitely here to stay.

White on white & a nice tan.

This girl was the cutest! She was wearing Doc Martens look alikes and an oversized muscle tee. I asked her where the Candy Fake Tokyo Store was located and she literally walked me to it. Japanese people are the nicest people I've ever met.

Cute ankle socks and a polka dot umbrella on a rainy day in Kyoto.

Matching shoes! I got my dress in Shibuya, it's one of a kind! 

Hot day in Tokyo. This is the Shibuya Scramble, is perfect for people watching!

Rainy yet humid day in Kyoto at the Kiyomizu-dera. I like see-through umbrellas.

Denim & sneakers, floral print & sandals.

Friends with matching shirts at Shibuya.

*Some of the pictures included in this post were taken by Steff Raud. (like her on Facebook!)

Lime Crime Velvetines in Suedeberry│Review & Swatches

Lime Crime's Velvetines ($17.00) are long-lasting lipsticks that dry matte. These are always sold out, so as soon as they were back in stock I ordered Suedeberry, a strawberry red. The shade is far more vibrant when applied at first, it goes on as a normal non-sticky lipgloss and dries completely matte. Velvetines are opaque though they appear to have a watery consistency. I didn't find Velvetines to be drying though I don't have dry lips, compared to Mac Lipsticks (i.e. Ruby Woo) which does dry my lips. 

I'm sure this Velvetines will last a while, as a little goes a long way, and it really stands up for the long-lasting part (tested 5 hours). I love Lime Crime lip products, they're well worth the price tag. 


Visiting a Cat Cafe in Shibuya│Tokyo, Japan.

I haven't blogged in 6 months! Is about time to get back on it. 
This year has been wonderful! There have been a lot of good changes in my life. Big and little things; from graduating to getting a haircut. I've traveled a lot, got a new job and got more into fashion & photography. There is A LOT I wanna share with you! I traveled to Japan on August and spent 20 wonderful days there, I've been meaning to write about my trip (which I will) and I'll start with my experience visiting a Neko (cat) Cafe.

One evening, after a day of shopping I decided to look for a well known Cat Cafe located in Shibuya, Happineko. I looked for it for about half an hour, but couldn't find it. Addresses in Japan are complicated and can be difficult, even for locals. These are given within a district rather than along a street and building numbers are not necessarily consecutive. I asked some locals and the police in a koban (police box) but failed to find the place. I stopped and tried to find it with google maps when a japanese couple approached to me asking if i needed help. I was saved. They took me to a Cat Cafe alright, but not the one I was looking for. And I was so pleased about it because there were no tourists at all and I was able to experience it like a local. 

Weekend Cats is a small cat cafe in Shibuya, the room is very cozy and quiet. The floor is made of wood and there's a tatami in the middle. There are tons of toys and places for the cats to sleep. The rules were given in japanese but by the images I saw there were a few cats with a pink collar that shouldn't be touched. The price for half an hour is about JPY 1,500 ($15) and one can spend playing or watching the cats. By the time I got there (approximately 6pm) the cats were playful and running around, so it was fun watching them play with each other. The price includes a drink, hot or cold, a chocolate and a small biscuit. Being a cat lover, I really enjoyed spending time with other cats besides my own and of course taking pictures.

Cat Cafe's are becoming more popular outside of Asia, I read the first one in Spain will be opening on october 15 this year. The world's first Cat Cafe was opened in Taiwan in 1998.
And the first one in Japan was opened in Osaka in 2004.

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Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and Pressed Powder│Review & Swatches

nearly naked 1 

Revlon's newest liquid foundation Nearly Naked Makeup ($.7.49) has gained popularity due to its comparison to high end foundations such as Nars Sheer Glow Foundation and Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation. The foundation comes in 14 shades, I chose 150 Nude, a medium warm peach tone. I use the ColorStay foundation in the shade 200 Nude, which is more yellow based and matches my skin perfectly. The Nearly Naked foundation has SPF 20 and claims to give a light to medium coverage with a very lightweight feel. The application goes on very smoothly and sheer but still evens out the skin tone and covers minor imperfections, although it doesn't cover up blemishes. It gives a very natural satin finish without being dewy. I always set it with pressed/loose powder because of my skin type (normal- combination) but it still looks healthy and natural. The consistency is very thin therefore I recommend being extremely careful when dispensing the foundation into your hand or brush as it doesn't come with a pump. I apply one layer of foundation with the Real Tecniques Expert Face Brush for medium coverage and sometimes with the Real Tecniques Buffing Brush for a lighter coverage. The foundation is buildable to medium-full coverage but if you need more coverage on certain areas I advise applying concealer instead. 

nearly naked 2 nearly naked 3 nearly naked 5 

The shades definitely change between formulas, I chose the closest match to my current foundation and is very different. As I mentioned before, the ColorStay 200 Nude shade is yellow toned and the Nearly Naked 150 Nude is peachy toned. Both of these foundations aren't comparable because both have very different claims and finishes. Nevertheless, both formulas are very nice and have worked out well for me.

nearly naked 6 nearly naked 7

The Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder ($.7.49) is a creamy, lightweight powder and it comes in 6 shades. They look very dark so I chose 020 Light and it matches quite well. If you have very fair skin, try this shade before purchasing. The result is a matte finish and light coverage. I wouldn't use the powder on it's own, only to set the foundation. The packaging is very sleek for both products, quite different from the regular Revlon packaging because is white. The bottle is made out of thick glass with a twist off white cap (and no pump!) and the compact is white plastic with a decent size mirror and comes with a little disposable sponge.

nearly naked 8 nearly naked 9

If you're looking for light to medium coverage then this foundation is perfect for you but if you're looking for a full coverage foundation I'd say the ColorStay range would be a better choice.

Have you tried this foundation/ powder? What's your take on the Nearly Naked name?

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DIY: Rainbow Pasta│Recipe in 5 Easy Steps

rainbow pasta 1 

What's better than plain pasta you ask? Colourful rainbow pasta, of course! I'm a big pasta eater (oh no, carbs...) and I know a lot of types. I bet you've seen black pasta, tricolor pasta, but... have you seen bright, in your face colourful pasta? I wanted to try this as soon as I knew there was a super easy way to do it. You can use any kind of pasta, for this tutorial I used spaghetti but I think fusilli or farfalle would look pretty good too! You will also need a few Ziplock bags, plain water and liquid food colouring.

Step 1 - Cook your pasta following the package instructions. You can add onions/ garlic and salt for flavour.
Step 2 - While your pasta is cooking, prepare your Ziplock bags of food colouring adding 15-20 drops and 2 tablespoons of plain water to each bag. I used 3 colours (yellow, red and blue).
Step 3 - Once your pasta is done, drain it and run cold water over it.

rainbow pasta 7 

Step 4 - Separate your pasta in equal parts into the Ziplock bags of the mixture of liquid food colouring and water. Then seal the bags and mix the pasta with the food colouring until your get a bold colour. Let it sit for about a minute.

rainbow pasta 6

Step 5 - Return each bag to the strainer, one by one. Give the pasta another cold water rinse, and then transfer the pasta into a bowl to combine the colours. And then serve!

rainbow pasta 5 

Voilá! Rainbow pasta done. You can add your favourite topping or sauce. I like to add a bit of mozzarella cheese on top :) Eating pasta has never been this fun! 

rainbow pasta 3

Will you be making your own rainbow pasta?

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Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel in Royal│Swatches

revlon royal 1 

Even thogh I love the ColorStay formula from Revlon, I couldn't find a bright blue. I saw the colour Midnight but it was too smoky for what I was looking for. So instead I picked Royal, from the Top Speed range. I only had one polish with this formula and thought it was just ok. The formula is too runny and not thick, so I need like 3 coats to make the colour go opaque, with the ColorStay formula I only need 2. But Royal is such a pretty shade, a bright royal blue with a glossy finish. Would also look great as an accent nail since the shade is bright. Though in some lights it tends to look darker, in the sunlight it looks super bright! The Top Speed formula is not my cup of tea, but it still works and has different shades from other formulas by Revlon. 

revlon royal 2 revlon royal 3

Have you tried the Top Speed Formula?

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Friday Love: Zara Home Glassware + Weekly Nails

zara cups 3 

Happy Friday! I finally found some pretty brush holders! Before I kept them literally everywhere and it was a mess. I now separated them into the bigger and smaller/thinner brushes. I've seen other bloggers using table trays and cake stands to store makeup, so I figured why not use these tumblers to store my brushes? There are so many to chose from at Zara Home! And since I love flower patterns and patterns in general I picked these two. They're around $5.00 each and sold separately. ZH also sells sets. Now my brushes are in one place and my dressing table looks much more organized!  

zara cups 2 zara cups 1 

About two or three weeks ago I bought the famous Seche Vite topcoat, so I've been trying it out and experimenting. I must say, by far is the best topcoat I've used. It leaves such a glossy finish and makes nail polish last forever! This week I used a glittery nail using Revlon ColorStay in Stilleto, L.A Girl Glitter Addict and my beloved Seche Vite Top Coat. 

glitter 2 glitter 1

How do you store your brushes? What do you think about Seche Vite?

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Colourful Wednesdays│St. Patrick's Green

st patricks 6 

Hey everyone! This look is inspired by the shamrock, a three-leaved plant that was worn along with green ribbons in celebration of St. Patrick's Day in the 17th century. I used pigments and pressed eyeshadow to create this look. I know sometimes using loose pigments can be a little tricky and they can fall off and make a mess, but all you really need is precise application and a good eyeshadow primer. I use Urban Decay Primer Potion and Benefit Stay Don't Stray. To blend in 3 shades is fairly easy to do, all you need is practice and patience. I used bright shades in light, medium and dark to create depth, all in shades of green. On my waterline I used the Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Stephanie, a smoky lilac shade to make my eyes appear brighter and awake. For the rest of my face I did a simple look, applying peach blush, pink highlighter and nude lips. 

st patricks 3 st patricks 5 st patricks 4

Products used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original
Mac Pigment Color Powder in Teal
Modern Basic Pigment in g140 Say it's Green
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Loaded (Smoked Palette)
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Freestyle
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Kinky
Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Stephanie
Maybelline One by One Mascara
Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner
Graftobian Hi-Def Glamour Cream
Nars Blush in Luster
Da Vinci Cosmetics Shimmer Powder in 04 Dejavous
Mac Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Bare Again

What is your favourite shade of green?

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