January Favourites│Beauty

I have quite a lot favourite items at the moment, but honestly I've been too lazy/busy to take pictures. I snapped these a few weeks ago and I still absolutely love both the perfume and the eyeshadow palette. 

ChloĆ© Eau de Parfum ($95.00) is the loveliest scent, it's fresh, floral and long lasting. And the bottle is a gem!

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette ($52.00) the long awaited palette, Naked 3 comes with 12 never before seen shades in rose-hued neutrals. Which I find absolutely flattering on my skin tone. I had a bit of a hitch with some of the shades on the Naked 2, since these are all taupe-hued. Some made my eyes look tired or dull at times, don't get me wrong though, the palette is quite perfect! But my eye colour and skin tone looks waaaay flattering with rosy shades.

HEY MICKEY! │Glad News Dress

When I discovered Glad News, a cool japanese clothing brand, I realized how much it was reflected on other popular brands (ahem, Lazy Oaf) from around the world. This dress with Mickey Mouse hands is one of my favourite pieces, the straps are adjustable and it's backless. Underneath I'm just wearing a black top, I think it looks quite lovely. The style I was going for was japanese, obviously. The tights are from Monki, and the shoes and head band are the photographer's own (both purchased in Japan). Thanks to my bestie for taking these pictures :)

Dress: Glad News / Tights: Monki / Shoes & Spiked Headband: Bodyline (Japan) // Lips: Live Forever by Mac.

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