Review: Influenster Beauty Blogger VoxBox


I got my Influenster Beauty Blogger VoxBox a few days ago, I have not had enough time to post much and that's why today I'll post double! I hope you're all well and are enjoying november. I sure am! I'm going to be an aunt pretty soon and couldn't be more excited :))) So this is my second Influenster box, the first one was the Latina Voxbox I got back in August. I'm really excited about this box since it's dedicated to beauty bloggers.


NYC New York Color® IndividualEyes Custom Compact: This is a limited edition compact that includes 4 eyeshadows, a primer base and an illuminator. The pigmentation is excellent and it comes really handy. The only thing it's missing is a mirror, it would be perfect for travelling. 


Kiss® Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit: These fake lashes are made out of human hair, which freaked me out a bit. I still gave them a try and was impressed by how natural they look. I don't really find use to the little tweezer-like thing, I much prefer to place them with my hand. The glue is latex-free and dries clear, it holds the eyelashes in place. I really like the look it adds to my makeup, I'd buy and extra pair of lashes, they're amazing!


Goody® Simple Styles Spin Pin: the spin pin's are just great, I like wearing my hair in a bun sometimes and I'm always looking for a way to hold it, but since my hair is very straight it always comes down. I love how handy these are and how long my bun lasts when I use them. I absolutely recommend these if you have straight hair like me. 


Not Your Mother's® Kinky Moves™ Frizz Control Hair CreamI was really excited to try out this hair cream, and I've heard really great things about the brand. Unfortunately the tube in my box came completely empty, I was quite disappointed about it but I can't really complain, this things happen. It even came sealed, so it's probably a manufacturer error. 


Bath & Body Works® Mini Candles: Probably my least favourite thing in the box. I didn't liked the scent on this mini candle at all so I probably won't be lighting it much. However, it is a pretty good size.

I was also supposed to get a EBOOST® sample, but it wasn't in my box.

Have you heard about Influenster before? Did you got your VoxBox?

* DISCLAIMER: I received this products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.


  1. Whoa! How weird is it that the tube came empty?! Anyway, I'm not a fan of Influenster. I understand their service is free, but they contacted me to receive a bblogger VoxBox and then never followed up. I think their concept has potential, but right now it's pretty flawed.


  2. the NYC palette is pretty handy because it has primer and illuminator already!! Loves ^_~

  3. The Lashes are definitely fun♥

  4. Cool! How much did you pay for one box?

    Angel was here!

  5. yesterday someone at work had to bring back an Urban Decay primer because it was completely empty when they bought it. the hair pins look interesting :-) xxxx

  6. The false lashes look great, I bet they are of super high quality since they are made of human hair. How odd that the hair cream tube was emmpty!


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