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This year I visited Japan for the first time, it was the most thrilling experience I've ever lived. Everything seemed so new to me, as if I literally landed in another world. Japanese Fashion made a huge change in the way I saw fashion and it really helped me find my favourite styles and I completely renovated my closet. I gathered a few snaps I took from my trip to Tokyo and Kyoto back in September. I met so many nice people, saw amazing outfits and enjoyed every single moment I spent in beautiful Japan. Everything is so kawaii!

This girl was super nice, her hair was amazing and was the thing that stood out the most of her personal style, she was very friendly and we talked for a little bit, though trying to communicate in Japan is quite hard, many japanese are very considerate when it comes to tourists, and they will ALWAYS try to help out and make an effort to understand you. I absolutely loved her platform sneakers, they reminded me of the UNIF Cross Trainers. She was wearing an oversized colour-block shirt, a printed tee, black shorts and triangle earrings!

As I walked towards Meiji-Dori I ran into these 4 girls making propaganda for the Monki Store in Takeshita Street, which was opening the same day. They were giving away fabric tote bags like the one the first girl from right-to-left is carrying on her shoulder. The makeup they were wearing was lovely. The Monki Store was great too, there was a live DJ playing music really loud and everything smelled new and fresh.

I'm still trying to find this lovely oversized overall/jumpsuit this girl was wearing! It had little squares, circles and triangles on it. I think it looks perfect paired with a beanie like the one she's wearing on this picture.

Circle skirts are a MUST right now. Also, menthe was really trending everywhere a few months ago and I think it still is. I think circle skirts are staying for a little longer, at least until next summer.

Platforms are also trending EVERYWHERE. 

Printed tees have been around forever, though lately they're on fire. From Brian Lichtenberg parody shirts to Lazy Oaf printed funny and cute tees, these are definitely here to stay.

White on white & a nice tan.

This girl was the cutest! She was wearing Doc Martens look alikes and an oversized muscle tee. I asked her where the Candy Fake Tokyo Store was located and she literally walked me to it. Japanese people are the nicest people I've ever met.

Cute ankle socks and a polka dot umbrella on a rainy day in Kyoto.

Matching shoes! I got my dress in Shibuya, it's one of a kind! 

Hot day in Tokyo. This is the Shibuya Scramble, is perfect for people watching!

Rainy yet humid day in Kyoto at the Kiyomizu-dera. I like see-through umbrellas.

Denim & sneakers, floral print & sandals.

Friends with matching shirts at Shibuya.

*Some of the pictures included in this post were taken by Steff Raud. (like her on Facebook!)


  1. This is awesome! I'm travelling to Tokyo at the end of the year (it'll be winter there, but hopefully I'll still see some awesome fashion!) but I've been to Kyoto, Hiroshima and Nagoya previously and loved it! The people are super nice for the most part! Can't wait to go back, this has got me excited again! (By the way your dress is amazing!)


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