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D ry shampoo is a thing I don't completely understand. Maybe that's because my hair doesn't need any oil-absorbing spray at the moment. My hair has been dry for the past 2 months so the only thing I truly need right now is deep conditioning. Although sometimes I need dry shampoo between washes. Otherwise my hair would be all gross and stuff. My hair dresser recommended I'd try this, the award winning, hyped up dry shampoo. Klorane is a well known french brand so I figured I'd try it out. It is made with softening oat milk extracts and rice starch (meant to absorb oil) The scent is very deodorant like, not my favourite but at least it smells clean. When my roots get oily I spray it all over and immediately start to work it through the middles but never the ends of my hair as I don't need to soak oil there. What I'm looking for on a dry shampoo is a non- residue product, and unfortunately this one leaves stuff behind and it only makes me want to wash it more often. It works for a few hours but after a while I feel like my scalp is dirtier than even before spraying it. Maybe it's just me but I like the feeling of a squeaky clean scalp. I still rather using a cleansing conditioner rather than dry shampoo, but that's because my hair needs conditioning and not oil soaking products. I read about Amika's dry shampoo not containing Aluminium, so I might try that one next :)

What is your favourite dry shampoo?


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