Favourite Facial Cleansers│Ideal for Combination + Sensitive Skin

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I've been trying out new products that quickly became my absolute favourites in the last couple of months. I'm always looking for a good face cleanser that has hydrating properties but still gets out impurities and makeup. Skincare has become so important, I consider this first before makeup. Imagine having the best makeup on but looking terrible due to bad skin? No no no. My skin type is combination (I tend to get oily on the T-zone) + sensitive (but not ultra-sensitive). I still avoid getting products that are super harsh and contain detergents and other abrasive ingredients. Most are natural and I've had a good experience with all of these products. Needless to say, I recommend the products to anyone who has dry-normal-combination-sensitive skin. 

I like to alternate between the following products to change my routine, I sense that my skin will get used to certain ingredients and won't work the same way. (call me crazy!)
1. Antipodes Juliet Skin-Brightening Gel Cleanser ($.34.00): Antipodes is a brand I've fallen in love with, it has such amazing products that actually work. I was over the top excited to try it and I had really high hopes. Until today it hasn't let me down. The products are well known for containing manuka honey (has antibacterial and healing properties, works as an anti-wrinkle agent and as a natural astringent) and also for being natural, organic and cruelty free! :) The first week I used this cleanser (twice a day) my skin was instantly soft and had an amazing glow, I didn't break out during the whole time and my skin seemed healthier. I use a face brush whenever I need an extra clean and my skin looks even brighter! The texture of the gel is really nice, it has a lovely scent of green apple and cardamon. A little goes a long way.

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2. Lush Angels on Bare Skin Face Cleanser ($.28.95): this fabulous cleanser works on all skin types. I love how it works on my skin, it gently exfoliates and cleanses my skin without leaving it dry, instead it releases a very milky almond fluid when mixed with water. The results are incredibly soft and clean skin. See full review here.

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Lush Fresh Farmacy Face Soap ($.9.95):  this soap is perfect for when you're having a really "bad skin day/week". Those days when you're breaking out like crazy, you know? Everyone has them. It has soothing calamine and chamomile to calm skin and tea tree to clear up blemishes AND it's suitable for sensitive skin. I know some people who use this it as a spot treatment, I have too. It really works wonders, it gets rid of swelling and redness and brings out a calm, non-irritated skin. See my review here.

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L'occitane Ultra Rich Face Soap ($.10.00): Remember my last review on this soap? It has really lasted me ages! Formulated with a soft cleansing base with 8% shea butter and is gentle enough for daily use. The results are soft, hydrated and fresh skin. Now, I know a friend of mine tried this and unfortunately broke her out. It leads me to think this soap doesn't suit oily skin. However, in my personal experience and skin type works quite well.

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Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar ($.4.59): I first started using this soap to treat my skin condition called keratosis pilaris which is commonly known as "chicken skin." I've had it on my cleavage since I was about 15. I've tried a lot of products to help diminish the appearance of "chicken skin" but nothing has really worked.  It's not red and isn't very noticeable, but still I wish it wasn't there! This soap has helped reduce the appearance. I tried it on my face and had good results too. Is very gentle and moisturizes and cleans my skin. I know the liquid soap is more of a popular option, but is basically the same product in different packaging.

Have you tried any of these facial cleansers? What is you favourite cleanser?

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  1. You have so many beautiful soap bars :) I also have KP on my arms. I have it on my legs as well.
    The Cetaphil bar sounds really gentle!

    1. And it definitely helps with that skin trouble we both have, I've used it for 2 weeks now and my skin has improved. xo

  2. Ooooh I've been in the market for a new cleanser for some time now, and lucky for me we have the same skin type! I never realized face soap could come in solid form, but I'll definitely look into L'Occitane's as I have yet to try anything from them, and that cleanser looks gorgeous. You have no idea how perfect the timing of this post is for me! x

    1. Yey! :) The L'Occitane bar is super gentle, I hope it works out for you! xo

  3. I love Angels on Bare Skin!
    I have combination and sensitive skin and this has been working for me so well!
    Love these products,thanks for the reviews.xx

    1. You're welcome! I just finished ABS yesterday and running to buy a new pot! :) xo

  4. great picks!! I'm using cetaphil and I love how gentle it felt on my skin ^_~


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