Friday Love: Un Jour de Reve Scheduler + 10 Joyful Things To Do

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New month, new posts. This afternoon I felt like starting a new series on my blog: Friday Love. It will consist on things I love (obviously) plus something random. This first post I want to share with you my new scheduler/journal. I ordered it from MochiThings and is called Un Jour de Reve v2 ($.27.95) it comes with a calendar, a yearly, monthly and daily plan, 48 pages of notes and 2 sheets of stickers! It is adorable to say the least. Honestly I haven't kept a diary since I was 17 or so and I must say I missed having one. I love writing down how I'm feeling, good things that might have happened to me, and of course is always good to keep organized. But since I'm currently not working I'll primarily be using it as a diary. Isn't it lovely?

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Sometimes, little things in life inspire me a whole lot. Hence this post. I've came up with 10 joyful things to do either you're feeling sad or happy, is always good to keep in mind things that might make you feel even happier.

1. Allow yourself to be happy - the first step to joyful living is letting yourself be happy. Why? - Because even if everything around you is crumbling, you'll still find a way to turn it around. Concentrate in the positive side of every situation instead of allowing yourself feel down, frustrated or sad.
2. Surround yourself with people who bring positive energy - It is so important to have friends and family who not only you feel comfortable around but bring joy to your life. Having negative people around will only fill you up with negative thoughts. Instead, learn how to become the one who brings positive energy into their lives.

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3. Be healthy, eat lightly - It might be hard to let go of the chips, pizza and burgers but involving yourself into a healthy lifestyle increases your energy and you get to feel confident with you own body. 
4. Keep active - keep your mind and body busy all the time. If you have free time for a run or to work out, go ahead and do it! Keep your mind at work by reading the newspaper, a book or doing word puzzle or sudoku games.

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5. Buy yourself some flowers - pick your favourite flowers at your local fleuriste every week/month. Studies have proven that flowers have an immediate impact on happiness, these may result of people feeling less depressed, anxious or agitated.
6. Treat yourself - Been craving for something for a long time? Let yourself get it! If you have the chance to get a nice watch, some makeup or even some chocolate truffles, don't hesitate. Having little pleasures in life will make you feel satisfied and content. However don't exceed on this activity and remember: best things in life aren't things.
7. Share your happiness - because it doubles when shared.

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8. Read something that inspires you - Books are a great source of knowledge, reading other people inspiring stories will make you feel like you need a change, show how fortunate you are, and you might even learn from them. If you'd like to read a truly inspiring story/book I recommend Anne Frank: the Diary of a Young Girl. I'm reading it for the second time and never get enough of it. 
9. Write down your happy thoughts - looking back at the past is not always a bad thing. Experiences make you grow as a person and define who you are today. Writing down on a notepad, diary or even on you phone the happy thoughts will make you realize how great times you've had and can cheer you up on a bad day.
10. Finish what you started - there is no greater feeling than seeing a task through to completion. Either if it's an easy task or a hard one, is great to feel accomplished.

I hope you like this post! Please share your own joyful things to do! :) xo


  1. The planner looks soo cute! :) And thanks for sharing the "10 joyful things". I needed that.. ;)

    1. I'm so glad to read this! :) xo

  2. This is amazing doll,I agree with every single word!
    Love this post,xx

  3. I really like the flower idea :) When there is a farmers market during the warmer months, I always pick some to garnish my work office :)

    1. Flowers are a great way to cheer yourself up or simply decorate! xo

  4. I love the 'buy some flowers for yourself' idea. Just the thought of going into the flower shop and picking out your most favorite flower makes me happy! That journal is very cute, but I'm not very good at remembering to write in one! :)

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

    1. I forget sometimes too, but it's fun to write down what you're feeling. xo

  5. Judy, I could not get enough of this post. All ten items on your list are things I don't do, and need to do much more of and more often. I'll make it my goal to weave these into my daily life, thank you! xx

    1. Wow, thank you! I'm so glad to be helpful. xo


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