DIY: Rainbow Pasta│Recipe in 5 Easy Steps

rainbow pasta 1 

What's better than plain pasta you ask? Colourful rainbow pasta, of course! I'm a big pasta eater (oh no, carbs...) and I know a lot of types. I bet you've seen black pasta, tricolor pasta, but... have you seen bright, in your face colourful pasta? I wanted to try this as soon as I knew there was a super easy way to do it. You can use any kind of pasta, for this tutorial I used spaghetti but I think fusilli or farfalle would look pretty good too! You will also need a few Ziplock bags, plain water and liquid food colouring.

Step 1 - Cook your pasta following the package instructions. You can add onions/ garlic and salt for flavour.
Step 2 - While your pasta is cooking, prepare your Ziplock bags of food colouring adding 15-20 drops and 2 tablespoons of plain water to each bag. I used 3 colours (yellow, red and blue).
Step 3 - Once your pasta is done, drain it and run cold water over it.

rainbow pasta 7 

Step 4 - Separate your pasta in equal parts into the Ziplock bags of the mixture of liquid food colouring and water. Then seal the bags and mix the pasta with the food colouring until your get a bold colour. Let it sit for about a minute.

rainbow pasta 6

Step 5 - Return each bag to the strainer, one by one. Give the pasta another cold water rinse, and then transfer the pasta into a bowl to combine the colours. And then serve!

rainbow pasta 5 

Voilá! Rainbow pasta done. You can add your favourite topping or sauce. I like to add a bit of mozzarella cheese on top :) Eating pasta has never been this fun! 

rainbow pasta 3

Will you be making your own rainbow pasta?

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  1. this looks amazing! I really want to try it, does the pasta go cold though?x

  2. oh my god, who knew spaghetti could be so pretty! such a cool idea :) xx

  3. This looks straight out of a Dr. Seuss book, it looks so cool! It's such a great idea to mix things up from time to time :)

  4. that is so cool! such a good idea for kids as well :)


  5. haha this is so funny! Made me smile :)

  6. Omg wow that looks SO fun!

    Sophierosehearts x

  7. My kids would love this. How fun:) xx


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