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P repare yourself as you read this post, as you might get a bit hungry :) So back in August when I traveled to Japan for the first time I set a goal: I would try anything new, as I usually try to do when Im abroad. I was a vegetarian for 4 years and my eating habits didn't include any meat (of any kind), dairy or any animal-based food. But I had to be a little flexible during my stay (I wanted to) so I tried almost everything! Japanese cuisine is one of the world's most famous, healthy and tasteful so I figured, I'll try anything once. Besides being delicious, japanese goodies also have a kawaii presentation and a HUGE variety. Since everything is so different from what I normally eat, I did a photo diary of most things I had during my stay. 

Above: a meat patty covered with barbecue/ sweet and sour sauce with cheddar cheese on the inside and a Hello Kitty shaped cheese slice on top & two pieces of fried chicken. I know this isn't exactly traditional japanese, but it isn't something you'll find anywhere else as the meat is so different!

I had this for lunch at Sanrio Puroland, most known as Kitty Land. A Hello Kitty theme amusement park, mostly for kids as the rides aren't as fast or big or scary! For dessert I had Hello Kitty's mochi. Mochi is a rice cake made of short-grain japonica glutinous rice. The filling of mochi can vary, I don't remember very well what this one was made of but I think it was sweet bean.

I find Square watermelons quite cute, but these weren't grown like this for that reason. The logic is because square watermelons are easier to stack, which makes them easier to ship. Also because in crowded areas of Japan, the square watermelon is designed to fit inside smaller japanese refrigerators. But having an unsual shape makes square watermelons expensive, I didn't get to try it but I bet it tastes just the same as a regular watermelon. I found it on a depachika (the basement floor of department stores) at Hikarie in Shibuya, a lovely 11th floor department store!

Rilakkuma macarons :)

Everything tempurized nom nom!

On the same building, I had dinner with some friends that night. My friend's japanese friend ordered a lot of food with names I cannot remember. But the one thing I do remember was Okonomiyaki, a japanese savoury pancake made of flour, grated nagaimo, water or dashi, eggs, shredded cabbage, meat, green onion and pork belly, okonomiyaki is often referred to as japanese pizza. But quite frankly, it tastes nothing like pizza!

My favourite dish, Ramen. Holy mother, this was sooooo good. Ramen is a noodle soup dish served in a meat broth, often flavored with soy sauce or miso and sliced pork as topping. Also dried seaweek and green onions (as the one below) There are many variations of ramen, but every single one tastes heavenly. Most restaurants have value menus that might include gyozas and a beverage such as natural iced tea. 

Now, let's talk about sushi. The one I had been eating all this years at my local sushi place isn't the real deal. I can assure you that. Most are just a variation of the California Roll which is a western adaptation. I tried sushi at the Tsukiji Fish Market, the world's largest and busiest fish market and I was overwhelmed with all the things I saw in there! Fresh sushi for breakfast never tasted so good. Below: a rice, cucumber cone.

I had this meal near Yokohama Station one evening as I was craving french fries (?) lol. It's like a healthier version of fast food but presented as fast food.

BENTO! Bento is a single-portion takeout meal common in japanese cuisine. I picked up a few but this one was my favourite. It had scrambled egg, rice, chicken, meat and a few veggies. I bought this at a JR station when I was heading to Kyoto on a shinkansen!

Family Mart Bento ^^

Below, curry with rice + mango lassi from the chain curry resto Coco Curry House.

The cutest packaging for Minute Maid's Apple juice.

The japanese are very keen on anything french. Especially sweets. The japanese crepe is very popular around the Harajuku area and it tastes great! I had both sweet and non-sweet crepes. The one below was and avocado-shrimp crepe. YUM!

More sweets below! <3

Phew! That was a lot of food. 
Have you tried anything from this post? 


  1. love!

  2. I'm so absolutely jealous of all the food! That steak, those teddy bear macaroons and all the bowls of ramen I would love to eat!

  3. OH MY GOSH!!! All of this looks amazing. I adore Japanese food. Ramen, sushi and bento, mmmmm!!!

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick


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