Swatch: NYC Nail Polish in Starry Silver Glitter

NYC starry silver glitter 2

I had never tried anything from NYC before until a glittery polish caught my eye. Since then, i have completely changed my mind about this brand. I can't say i love it yet, since this is the only product i have so far. This polish has a combination of small silver glitter and bigger hexagonal glitter in lilac and bright blue. What i liked the most is that after 2-3 coats (over an opaque base) the texture doesn't get chunky, instead it feels soft and smooth.
This polish is number 105 / Starry Silver Glitter. I used as base coats Sneek Peak by Revlon and St. Barths Blue by Essie. 

NYC Starry Silver Glitter 1

Have you tried NYC nail polishes before? What are your recommendations?


  1. Ahh i'm a sucker for anything pastel or glittery at the moment and i have to say i adore that nail polish :D
    I'm your newest follower :) hope you'll stop by and check out my blog too

    1. Same here, i love pastels + glitter :) xx

  2. Cute nails, nice blog

  3. I also have this nail polish and i LOVE it (: it goea great over lots of colors! i love your nails. (:


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