Review: Garnier Skin Renew BBcream

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Hello lovelies! Happy August! Last weekend i drove over to the beach and i took with me some sun block, lip conditioner and this Garnier SPF 15 BBcream.
BB creams are pretty popular right now, but i did some research and found out it was originally formulated by a german dermatologist: Dr. Christine Schrammek in the 1950's. The main purpose of this blemish balm or beauty balm (as it's known now) was to protect the skin after laser procedures and surgery, while also providing light coverage. 
30 years later this balm was introduced in South Korea  and Japan where it became quite popular. It's been named "the secret of Korean actresses". Now, all markets are trying to catch up with this Balm, that it's supposed to even skin tone, moisturize, and be an all-in-one product (moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer). 

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I find this one very soothing, hydrating and lightweight. I think these BBcreams are not only perfect for summer heat, although most of us prefer using something lighter or nothing at all during summer time, this can be used all year long as well.
I realized that it does even my skin tone, but after a while it seems to fade, my skin still feels fresh and clean but it doesn't have the coverage i need (or think i need). I usually use medium to full coverage. I apply this BB cream over concealer as i have dark spots and a few freckles.

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garnier bbcream 6

This "miracle skin perfector" has the benefit of adapting to any skin type due to it's formula. This however, doesn't mean you need to stop using your day-to-day products. Never skip moisturizer and sun block, this is a complementary product that will help you with skin problems but it won't work on it's own. 

What is your favourite BBcream? Have you tried any? What are your thoughts on this miracle skin perfector?


  1. I used to use this BB cream also and found it was pretty good for light coverage! I like the new packaging though since I have an old one :D

    1. i haven't seen the old packaging. will look it up! x

  2. Great review, seems like a good product!

    Lana, xo


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