Swatch: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry

revlon black cherry 1

I had never tried before a Super Lustrous Lipstick from Revlon, I usually stick with Mac lipsticks. But for some reason this colour caught my eye and had to have it! Revlon, you did it once again. 

revlon black cherry 2

Black Cherry is a deep red purple and it's very flattering on the lips, application can be a little tricky though, since it's very dark and it's hard to get a first perfect application, I rather use a lip brush! The texture of this lipstick is creamy as it's name suggests and glides on easily on the lips. It lasted on me 2 hours before fading and leaving more of a reddish colour on my lips. I'm really keen on trying darker colours like Mac Pro Longwear in Soulfully Rich which is a dirty deep purple with red pearl.

revlon black cherry 3
revlon black cherry 4
revlon black cherry me

The lipstick wears off evenly and I believe it works for every skin tone. The packaging is classic looking and it has a clear top so you can see the colour through it. Everything about this lipstick is great, the wear, the colour and the stain it leaves behind.

Will you be trying vampy colours for fall?


  1. Revlon lip products are always so good!



  2. I have this colour it's lovely :-) xxxx

  3. I absolutely adore your photographs, they are amazing :) I'm a new follower! Lovely blog! xoxo


  4. Would love to see this colour on your lips

    Ria x

  5. i've always wanted to buy this colour, it really does look gorgeous! xx

  6. i looove that dark dark color! i think i have a variation of that one, but it looks like it goes on dark and stays on. i might just pick this up

  7. That colour is so nice! I've still yet to find a lipstick colour that suits me. Everything just looks wrong! x


    1. Maybe you need to find one that flatters your skin tone! :) xx

    2. I found out I had to wear quite a bit of eye makeup (black pencil or liner, lots of mascara, perhaps a light cream shadow underneath the liner) and quite a bit of blush, reddish or purplish depending on the lip colour (with a very light hand and previous tapping off of the excess on the back of the hand). Rather than looking overloaded as I expected this makes my face look fresh with dark or intense lips! Maybe this helps you.

      Before I also used to feel these lippies looked "wrong" on me.

  8. Wow this colour is just stunning! I don't think I could wear a colour like this though :(


    1. Yes, you could! Go Charlee :) xx

  9. This looks so beautiful,I would love to try! :) xx


  10. Such a gorgeous shade! I'm desperate to try this out, so many people have recommended it. Looks lovely on you! xxx


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