Review: Julep Boho Glam Lengthening Mascara

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As a mascara addict, I thought trying a new one wouldn't do any harm, so i got this new one from Julep. It's the Boho Glam Lengthening Mascara in Espresso Brown ($24 for .27 fl oz) I don't really own any brown mascaras, I'm drawn to get the blackest black ones. Always. 

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I was really excited to try it out because it has lash growth enhancement ingredients, which sold separately could be quite expensive and ineffective.  It comes with a micro-fiber applicator which separates, lengthens and conditions the lashes. I really struggled with the applicator brush, it kept getting covered with the mascara every time i got it out and it was making a big mess, but the product itself turned out to be pretty good. It doesn't feel stiff on the lashes and it doesn't smudge after wearing it all day. 

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The colour is a dark brown, and I think that's why I like it. I have naturally dark lashes, so dark colours work better for me. Final verdict, the mascara works well, but the product gets wasted because it sticks on the applicator instead of staying on the tube. I have no idea why this happened because it isn't runny or anything.

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Even though I really struggled applying this, I noticed my lashes were conditioned and not stiff at all. Another thing to consider is that I never curl my lashes, and I did on this occasion. I know my small lashes aren't the best way to illustrate how this product works, but I will try it on a daily basis to see if I can get better results!

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Have you tried this Julep Lengthening Mascara? Do you prefer black or brown mascara? Which one is your fav?


  1. Lovely blog.

  2. This is an interesting product! I had no idea Julep made things other than nail polish lol :)


    1. They just launched it this month! :) x

  3. Interesting! I would like to check out this brand - not too familiar with it.

    The Misty Mom

  4. I love this mascara. I didn't think I would, because I strictly wear black, but it was dark enough to keep me happy.

    1. Me too, but it's a great colour! :) x


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