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Hello lovelies! I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday season, I'm enjoying every single day since I'm almost done with school and last week I went on a well deserved vacation to Cuba! I'll be posting pictures of my trip in case you want to come back and see them and read about my experience :)

I have a hair care post today, it's been a while since I posted anything else than makeup.
The Klorane Conditioner with pomegranate ($.14.00) is the BEST conditioner I've tried this year! Though I have naturally straight hair, I need to detangle it everyday so I use either conditioner or a hair cream on towel-dried hair. I was really interested in this one because I love love love pomegranate. From Vitamin Water XXX to pomegranate juice to lip balms (Burt's Bees are my favourite) and the fruit itself! 
Klorane has different tube colours to for each hair type, this one is for colour treated hair. Pomegranate helps and repairs damaged hair weakened by colour treatments and it's made without sulfate and sodium chloride. I noticed it softened the texture of my hair and it looked really shiny and healthy. Klorane says: the effectiveness of our patented pomegranate extract has been scientifically proven:  hair color lasts an average twice as long. I still haven't been able to prove this, since I've only used it a few times. However, color-fading is something that will always occur no matter how many treatments I apply, it might be slower with this, but still. I really like this conditioner because it leaves my hair soft and supple. I'd recommend using this if you have dyed your hair, if not there are other types that could help your current hair condition.

Have you tried Klorane hair products?
If you're interested in a hair care routine post please leave a comment below :) Thank you!

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