Comparison: Mac Haute & Naughty Mascaras

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I recenlty got the Mac Haute & Naughty Too Black Lash Mascara ($.20.00) which is basically a two in one mascara that has two finishes; the natural finish and the dramatic finish. I personally never really been a big fan of Mac mascaras because I don't find them as good and the brushes are always disappointing. However, when I first tried the Haute & Naughty Lash (original) I really liked how innovative it was that it came with "2 brushes" and the formula was good, never flaked. With this new version, I'm not so convinced.

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The Mac Haute & Naughty Too Black Lash has an intense pigmentation, which is supposed to be the blackest black. The formula is silky soft and it contains ingredients that prevent dryness. What I really like about both of these mascaras is that you get different looks with one mascara alone. The tube comes with two caps, one is tinier so it cleans the brush and leaves it with less product which leads to a more natural looking lash. The other cap lets more product on the applicator so you get a more voluminous lash. But it can get a little tricky, if you're not careful your lashes can end up looking clumpy. The formula is great, because it delivers really deep colour and makes the eyes pop out, it's not drying and doesn't flake or smudge.

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The original Mac Haute & Naughty is indeed black but is not as deep as the new version. Both applicators are the exact same for both mascaras. The smaller opening cap is great for lower lashes and to really define the upper lashes. It doesn't thicken the lashes but it defines and curls them really well. The larger opening cap allows more mascara on the applicator which thickens but doesn't voluminizes the lashes. I find the Haute & Naughty Too Black delivers too much product on the brush and it can make the lashes clumpy and undefined. Overall, I would recommend the original version because the larger opening cap on it doesn't clump as much as the Haute & Naughty Too Black mascara. However, the pigmentation and formula is really good.

mac haute 5
Please note the Haute & Naught Black mascara has been in use for a longer period of time.

Have you tried these mascaras?


  1. I haven't tried them but I'm loving the cute packaging ^_~

  2. Never tried these but I like the way it looks :D

  3. What pretty packaging! I've always seen these and wondered how they performed. It was nice to see your review, as I've only ever tried MAC Zoom fast

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  5. I've yet to try these but I love the brush, it looks like it would add so much volume! :)

  6. I'd love to try any of these mascaras! The packaging is so cute!


  7. i just test haute & naughty black & i love it.


    - Nora

  8. So interesting, Thank you so much !!

  9. I have the regular one, It works ok for me. I find that if i use the whole top instead of just the "pink wand" it is very very clumpy! When i do use this i just use the pink

    Great post!!

  10. Seems strange that they'd make a product so so similar! Thanks for the review though always good to know for 'sure' love the packaging on both I must say :)


  11. I haven't tried any MAC mascaras, may give it a shot!

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