Swatches: Urban Decay Vintage Eyeshadows

ud shadows

I got three Urban Decay Vintage Eyeshadows  ($.6.00 each) as you may already know, the single eyeshadows have changed packaging and formula so UD is having a sale on these. Nonetheless, these have great pigmentation and are long lasting. I haven't tried the new single eyeshadows and the new formula so I can't really compare. Still, im very happy I got the Vintage ones for a great price! (3 for the price of 1!) The colours I chose were: Last Call, Midnight Cowboy and ABC Gum.

Last Call is a metallic sugar plum with a shimmery finish, it's highly pigmented and contains no glitter in it. It has a silky texture that is very easy to blend in.
Midnight Cowboy is a pink champagne with silver sparkle. The glitter falls out a lot, though it's really pretty when you get it to stay on your lid.
ABC Gum is a matte pale peach with no trace of sheen, shimmer or glitter. This is perfect for highlight under the brow or all over the lid.

last call 2
last call 1
midnight cowboy 2
midnight cowboy 1
abc gum 2
abc gum
ud swatches 1

Did you got anything from the SALE going on Urban Decay's website? 


  1. very pretty shades... Last Call especially is stunning!! :)

  2. Last Call is such a gorgeous shade, esp. for the upcoming season :) Awesome sale!


  3. the last call eyeshadow is gorgeous

    Kirsty x

  4. the colours look gorgeous, I really need a nice matte cream colour. Urban Decay eye shadow packaging is lovely :-) xxxx

    1. Yes! But they've changed it already :) x

  5. I like all the shades. They are gorgeous!

    by the way you have a new follower. Mind to followe back?


  6. All those colours are gorgeous!! :D :D xxx

  7. i got a bunch of things >.< haha last call is so pretty!


  8. Omg...I love midnight cowboy and last call! All of the shimmery shades from UD I love!! it's too bad I've no UD shadows!

    1. You can still get these on sale plus 20% off! :) It's valid until saturday! xx

  9. Love urban decay eyeshadows! Last call and midnight cow boy is gorgeous! :)

    1. Midnight Cowboy is my favourite at the moment! xx

  10. These look gorgeous, especially Last Call :) x

  11. They look so pretty! Last call is a colour I would never look at, but I love it. I think I need it in my life. xo

  12. Last call is a stunning colour, and looks gorgeous on green eyes. x

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