Review: L'Occitane Aromachologie Soothing Concentrated Mask

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L'occitane Hair Concentrated Mask for Sensitive Scalp ($.26.00) is a relief for sensitive/ itchy scalp. I've experienced itchy scalp and itchy bumps recently and I started using baby shampoo which temporarily stopped the itching. Soon after I discovered this amazing mask, it's enriched with L'occitane famous essential oils and soothing extracts that immediately relieves itching and tautness. I stopped washing my hair everyday too, like some of you lovely ladies recommended. I use this mask twice a week and feel my scalp is hydrated and healthier. After shampoo I part my hair into sections and apply it directly to my scalp, it comes with a very convenient applicator. I leave it for 2-5 minutes and apply conditioner on the lengths at the same time. The itchiness is gone after application and through the day, and my hair condition has also improved since I started using this product. It smells like lemongrass with a hint of citrus scent, I love it and it lasts all day long. If you suffer from sensitive/itchy scalp like me, I absolutely recommend you give this mask a try! 

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Have you tried this soothing mask? Do you suffer from sensitive scalp?


  1. Great review! I don't have an itchy or sensitive scalp, but oils are always good for the scalp and hair. May check it out! Plus I love L'Occitane products. xx

  2. I suffer from sensitive skin too! Definitely going to try this! Love bec x


  3. Sounds like a great product, always love products from L'Occitane :) x


  4. Nice blog..thanks for your comment.. follow you:)


  5. This sounds like something I'd like to try - my scalp gets really sensitive when the weather gets cold. Great review! x


  6. I'm having problems with my hair and scalp right now too and I've tried so many different things to help but nothing did. I stopped washing it every day then and that helped me too :)
    I might give this a try now. Great post :)

  7. I don't know if it's going to be your case, but I had problems once after using one of those heat-protective shampoos. My scalp was so itchy it actually made me worried. As soon as I stoppe the shampoo, the problem went away. It turned out that most of those heat-defence shampoos/conditioners contain crustaceans and the scalp skin can react to those. Check your hair care, just in case.

  8. Sounds like a good product!



  9. Thanks for sharing. I've been dyeing my hair red these past few months and it's so hard to maintain it. Shampoos for colored treated hair makes my hair itchy, so I'm definitely going to give this product a try.


  10. I am going to get this for my husband, I use L'Occataine all the time but never thought to look at these products for my husband - thanks!


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