Shopping Tips for Fall: My Picks


Shopping for Fall clothes is quite easy and fun. But you have to be wise when you make your choices as you might end up with clothes you'll never use again and spend a lot of money. For starters, before purchasing anything it's important to wonder if you'll be able to use the clothes and accessories on other seasons. Most likely on winter time. I've made a small guideline about how to pick garments and accessories you can use during fall and soon after!

Always pick neutral colours. This meaning black, white, beige, ivory, grey and taupe. Neutral colours combine with everything, this is why it's so easy to wear them. And basic colours like black and white combined look effortlessly elegant and sophisticated.

Include different textures and prints on your tops, this will add a personal style (as you'll be choosing the print/texture you like) to your outfit and will be easier to then choose pants, skirts or jeans. 

Choose one-size or over-sized tops, as you can wear these with leggings, as a dress or with jeans. Plus, oversized tops are extremely comfortable and you'll always look fashionable in them!

Look for unique jewelry, like the lipstick ring picture above. If you're wearing a plain beige sweater you'll need to add pieces that will complement you outfit.

Designer pieces and popular brand clothing sold at Department Stores can get a bit expensive, especially for women and on season-change. This doesn't mean you have to look for the cheapest alternative that could mean poor quality. There are always a lot of websites, like ClothingLoves.com where you can get high quality wholesale prices with offer discounts. So why not choose Wholesale Women's Clothing when searching for new high-quality clothing for fall

Every piece on my Fall Picks can be found at ClothingLoves.com


  1. Those are great picks! My favorite is a tie between the red leopard print jumper and the oatmeal one, they;re too cute :D

    p.s. I'm hosting a birthday giveaway if you're interested to have a peek http://diamondinrouge.blogspot.sg/

    1. I know :) They're really lovely!
      Thank you I will join you giveaway ;) x

  2. Amazing pics! That pink sweater is so cute hahah

    1. And it has a matching necklace too ^^

  3. that lipstick ring is amazing! great blog, just started following :) xx

  4. Hi Judy!

    Love your post its like a fall clothing guide! Jewellery is always a fav of mine to spice up any neutral outfit!

    Great post!

    ~ Tasha

    1. Agree, jewelry is quite essential nowadays :) x

  5. Love all the items! :) Amazing collection for Fall. With these suggestions, one can always dress up well in a budget-friendly way.


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