How To: Glossy Eyelids


Hey lovelies! Today i'm going to show you how to achieve glossy eyelids, also known as the wet eyeshadow look. Glossy eyelids have been around for quite a while, and have been seen in fashion runways and magazines. I had never tried it before, but since i got my Mac Gloss Crème Brillance when the Chenman Collection came out, i've been experimenting. I think the wet eyelid it's a very versatile look because depending on the colours, it can be a very natural or a very bold look.

I did my glossy eyelids on 5 simple steps:

STEP 1: Start with clean eyelids. The less makeup you have on, the better results you will get.
STEP 2: Apply an eye makeup primer or concealer all over your eyelids as a base to hold the eyeshadow.
STEP 3: Choose the colour of eyeshadow you want and apply it with a medium brush all over your eyelid starting from the outer corner of your eye.
STEP 4: Once the colour is well blended, apply a small amount of cosmetic gloss with your finger starting at the inner eye, making sure you're covering the whole area where you applied the eyeshadow.
STEP 5: To finish the glossy eyelid look, apply black mascara.

Multipurpose gloss is the most effective way to achieve this look. However, if you don't have multipurpose gloss, you may use non-sticky lipgloss, vaseline or petroleum jelly.

This is how it looks like in both eyes:

final look

Apply black eyeliner for a more dramatic look:

final look eyeliner

This look is very wearable, it can be used by day without any eyeshadow for a dewy skin finish look or by night, on top of a very bold eyeshadow colour. i personally love it! I think it's very sexy!

The products that i used for this tutorial were:

1. Maybelline One by One Mascara in Blackest Black
2. Sephora Pro Natural All Over Shadow Brush #12
3. Sephora Pro Concealer Brush # 45
4. Benefit Stay Don't Stray Stay Put Primer
5. Mac Gloss Crème Brillance
6. Mac Eyeshadow in Brown Down
7. Mac Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Engraved

What do you think about this glossy eyelid look? Have you tried it before? Do you love this look? Or rather stay with matte eyelids?


  1. Love it! I wanna try this but does it crease at all??


    1. I'd like to say no, but after few hours it does. But i've learned that if you apply a little bit more of eyeshadow on top it creases less, also i've tried to avoid applying too much gloss on the crease to prevent this from happening. You should try! :) x

  2. I have that Chenman Collection gloss too. Finally gonna use it tomorrow! Cute blog!
    Nestled in Nostalgia

    1. That's great! Let me know if it works out for you!
      Thank you so much! x

  3. woah this is new! It would be very hard to pull off


    1. you can always give it a shot! x

  4. Great make up! I love this color and it really suits you!
    You have a new follower, hope you follow back xx



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