Limited Edition, love it or leave it?


I think i'm in love with limited edition makeup. I love the originality of the packaging, the design, the new experimental formulas, the new colours, everything! MAC cosmetics for example, comes with a lot (A LOT! ) of limited edition products (like the ones pictured here from Surf Baby's last year summer's collection, Tartan Tale Collection, Quite Cute Colletion, etc) And so does other makeup brands. I particularly think it's great, it makes makeup exciting and fun. 

So limited edition has it's pro's and it's con's. What do you think? Rather stay with the same collection or try new ones?


  1. I do like the idea of limited edition things! But I don't like them as well, mainly because if I'm doing a tutorial sometimes its hard for others to get that particular product. But I do love the rush of having something extra special!

  2. It's just so disappointing when you love a certain product and it disappears. I once bought the most beautiful orange/red lipstick with a subtle sprinkle of glitter. I hadn't realised at the time it was limited edition. I fell in love with it, used it ALL THE TIME. And now I just can't find anything like it (and I have searched high and low).

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