Review: Sweet & Floral Perfumes


I have always been a big fan of fragances. It all started when my older sister gave me a Ralph Lauren Polo Sport as a present for my 13th birthday (i think).I've never really had a favourite, YET! But one thing i do know, and that is that i absolutely adore sweet perfumes, candy, floral, everything sweet!

Here, i list 3 of my favourites that i've been using for quite a while now:
1. Parisienne by YSL is just lovely, it has a touch of femininity and sensuality and it's wearable by day and night. It's built with notes of blackberry, damask rose and sandalwood that makes a great combination. Since it came out, i knew i wanted it. Im a die hard fan of Paris and everything french (from food, to fashion, to history, i can never get enough! i even had 2 straight years of french lessons!)and even though i hadn't smelled it yet by that time, i knew i would love it. And i do! 
2. Forbidden Flower by Lolita Lempicka comes in the cutest bottle made like a green absinth and it's engraved with ivy leaves and decorated with flowers, pure natural white adornments sprinkled with gold. And of course the fragance it's based on absinth flower combined with peony, strawberry leaf, violet and mimosa stem which makes it very sensual yet very innocent.It has a warm fuity softness with vibrant musks of almond and a morello cherry with accents of red fruit that makes it irresistible! I like to wear it by day, but i think the fragance is very flexible and versatile. 
3. The One by Dolce & Gabbana is an absolute classique! if you ask me. It has been created for the ultimate diva and its a warm, oriental floral combined with lychee and peach that turns out to be delightful.It also has a hint of plum, vanilla and a sweetened ambery-musk notes. I love this fragance, it is unique and very feminine. I'd say Rose The One is probably a little bit more fruity and floral but still The One fits in this category. 

All these 3 fragances are very feminine and sweet, but they still have a sensual and glamorous touch that make me feel confident. How about you? What type of fragance do you prefer?

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  1. You’re photography is amazing! I am now one of your followers :) keep up the good work! xx

  2. I love D&G The One. Probably one of my favourite perfumes actually :)


  3. It such a shame that I haven't smell any of these products before. But I defo check them out and I love the heart bottle it's cute!! xx

  4. I haven't smelt any of these! Always loved the ads for that D&G one though xxx

    1. i know, Scarlett Johansson makes a great model :) hehe x


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