Hello lovelies! I've made a list of some products i've been wanting to try and have heard good things too!

FRAGRANCE: Chanel Gardénia - Chanel describes this perfume as a Sweet and voluptuous, an intense fragrance of absolute femininity. It has a vanilla base, creamy gardenia petals and accented coconut. I can't wait to get my hands on this perfume! 

HAIR: Morrocan Oil - This is a nourishing and residue free formula that is used for conditioning, styling and as a finishing tool. How great! 
Bumble & Bumble Leave In (Rinse Out) Conditioner - Sephora describes this products as a lightweight detangler with moisture and frizz control. A summer must have! 
NAILS: Even though i think Deborah Lippmann's nail polishes are a bit overpriced, i just loved this colour! It's called Across the Universe and it's a blazing blue and metallic green glam in sheerest navy (glitter), and i love glittery nail polish! 
FACE: Benefit launched a while ago this Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation and since i'm a big fan of Benefit i think i'm going to love it. I already own the Hello Flawless Custom Powder and it's great! 
Next is the Girl Meets Pearl that i have tried before & i just need to repurchase!
And of course, a new Nars blush won't do any harm. The colour it's called Luster. Maddi, a reader from San Francisco, mentioned it in a previous post so i will give it a try!  

SKIN: I have heard wonders of Bioderma's Crealine H2O in a lot of reviews. This product is soap free make up remover and cleansing solution and it's soothing and emolliant. Sounds great right? 

So those are the items on my shopping list! Hopefully i'll collect them all!
Have you tried any of this products before? Do you recommend any of these products?


  1. I really want to try a NARS blusher, I've not tried one yet! I've also heard good things about Bioderma as well!

    Kate x

    1. My first Nars blush was Orgasm, and i was impressed! :) x

  2. I really want that Morrocan Oil! It's meant to work wonders for curly hair and my hair is as such:(
    Love your blog doll!

    Lauren xox


  3. Want to try Moroccan oil too and that Deborah Lippmann nail polish too! I've been iffy on the price as well but the color is gorgeous and one of kind!

    And I do think you would love Luster! <3


  4. Everyone who doesn't have the moroccan oil get it now!! It is worth the investment! Try not to go on ebay because a lot of people will be selling fakes. My hairdresser recommended this to me. My hair is like hermione granger in the FIRST harry potter movie so super frizzy and this is great for giving it a nice 'drink'. I LOOOVE the smell of it too it is so amazing and sexy

    1. :) haha that's funny!
      thank you so much for the recommendation, i NEED to get it! x

  5. Love that Deborah Lippman color!

  6. great wants! I'm keen to try bioderma Crealine H20 too. Love moroccanoil and Chanel perfumes x

    1. thank you for reading love! x

  7. Great wishlist! I HIGHLY recommend the Moroccan Oil. It is amazing!

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