Swatch: O.P.I. Dating a Royal

dating a royal

Hey lovelies! I hope you all had a fun weekend! I wanted to swatch one of my favourite O.P.I's nail polish, Dating a Royal. It's a royal blue as it's name suggests, but depending on the light it looks like a navy blue. O.P.I differs from other nail polish brands for it's formula. This polish in particular, only needs two coats and you're ready to go! And it also dries quite quickly.This colour is just lovely, Dating a Royal is a very classic polish and it's not too bright which makes it very wearable. But still, it's very interesting.

dating a royal 1
dating a royal 2

How do you like this colour? Any recommendations?


  1. I like this, I bought something similar from Barry M, but it just didn't look great - may have to give this one a go!

    1. I have never tried Barry M. And yeah! give this polish a try! x

  2. This looks gorgeous! I really want it now! Im an aussie beauty blogger and you tuber! Pretttyyyy please stop by my blog if you have the chance! you won't be disappointed :) xoxox genevieve


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